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About Us

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We had a humble beginning in the world of fusion foods in 1992.

Classic Restaurant aspires to be the pinnacle of Indian fusion food restaurants, serving traditional and unique meals from India and China at affordable pricing.

In 1992, we had a very humble beginning. We made the decision to focus on our consumers from the start. The fact that our customers were enthusiastic about the cuisine we offered was the most motivating factor. Our food crew went above and beyond to provide a memorable dining experience, which was really appreciated. The team worked around the clock to create our specialty meals by combining Chinese and Indian cuisine while maintaining traditional dishes true to their roots.

The highly praised, simple but excellent service complements the best-in-class gastronomic experience. Returning guests treat our restaurants as if they are their home away from home, and we cherish the warmth in the connection with the highest care and pride. Many people believe that because we are the only Indian fusion food restaurant chain, we are a shining beacon in the world of cooking. Our guests' hearts have been won over by the inspiring flavors, as well as the classic dishes and great service.

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